SPLICE Working Groups

SPLICE Working Groups are ad hoc mini-organizations designated to solve a specific problem relevant to the SPLICE project.

Small code snapshots

Leaders: Dave Hovemeyer and Kelly Rivers

Task: Develop representation standards and analysis tools for capturing student submissions to small programming exercises.

Products: DATASTAND Draft Standard, ProgSnap 2

Small coding exercise representation

Leaders: Phill Conrad (UC Santa Barbara), Cory Bart (University of Delaware), Stephen Edwards (Virginia Tech)

Task: Develop representation standards for small programming exercises.

Packaging Curricular Materials

Leaders: Cory Bart (University of Delaware), Phill Conrad (UC Santa Barbara), Michael Hilton (Carnegie Mellon University), Bob Edmison (Virginia Tech)

Task: Developing standards and tools to improve the process of creating/revising/sharing/finding/crediting/etc. curricular materials.

Abstract: Packaging materials is a generalized term to capture a broad array of tasks (creating, revising, sharing, finding, crediting, etc.) for materials such as assignments, teacher notes, and evaluation data. Substantial effort has gone into creating materials over the years, but the community still struggles to find ways to effectively manage these. The working group will develop a standard for curricular material creation and sharing, support tool development to connect this standard with existing popular course management solutions, and work with existing initiatives for creating and managing repositories of materials.

Upcoming Event: BOF at SIGCSE https://cssplice-cm.github.io/