Hamza Manzoor and Kamil Akhuseyinoglu
OpenDSA/Mastery Grid Exercise Interchange

OpenDSA is an e-Textbook project developed at Virginia Tech, which provides materials to support courses in a wide variety of Computer Science-related topics. OpenDSA primarily contains Java exercises. ACOS server which is a smart learning content server developed as a joint project of Aalto University and the University of Pittsburgh. It enhances the reusability of online learning activities by decoupling the content and the existing interoperability protocols including LTI. ACOS is capable of serving multiple smart contents including Python animations and exercises. In this project, we present steps toward integrating smart content served through ACOS into OpenDSA.

Similarly, CodeWorkout is an open source system which helps students to practice small programming problems. Mastery Grids is also open source progress visualization environment which has open (social) learner model features designed at the University of Pittsburgh. In this project, we extended contents served by Mastery Grids by integrating CodeWorkout exercises and visualize student progress in an Open Learner Model.

All of this has been possible because all of these tools support LTI, reiterating the importance of why the utilization of standards while developing applications is important.